Kindle Fire HD

If you are wondering where to buy the new Kindle Fire HD you are on the right spot.

Well yes it is fact – the new Kindle Fire HD is here and you can order it.

What are the most important things you should know about it:

1) It has 1280×800 HD display with amazing quality

2) The audio is also really good and you will be impressed of the sound it creates

3) Dual band Wi- Fi … what the heck is that – well faster Wi-Fi.

4) Skype ready to use – frontal camera for easy skype usage.

Now about the pricing and the kindles fire hd itself.

The cheapest you can get is the 7” one with 16GB – this would be 199 USD which is the bargain of the day.

About the 8.9” goes again with two types of memory cards and it reaches up to 369 USD

Amazing quality and amazing new product from Amazon.

Where to buy kindle fire hd – well click on the images above.